15 - 19 October 2019, Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, Mexico
15 - 19 de Octubre de 2019, Centro Citibanamex, Ciudad de México, México
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Rugs that don't cost the Earth - in any sense!

Ethically recycled yarns in beautiful designs to create the perfect ambience in the home. Flair Flooring Supplies Ltd. is on a mission to achieve precisely this using environmentally friendly, resource-saving materials - and is proud to present the exquisite results at DOMOTEX 2019.

26 Dec. 2018



Design is at its beautiful best when it's based on the latest recycling technologies, according to Flair Flooring Supplies Ltd. from the U.K. The company specializes in turning waste plastic into yarns, dying them in sumptuous colors and then weaving them into wonderful rugs. The new Luxmi rugs in its Solitaire collection are exceptional in the use of exquisite recycled silk to craft cutting-edge, Scandinavian-inspired designs.

To create different shades in the yarn, the silk filaments are knotted prior to dying to ensure the tone of each individual rug is unique but consistently vibrant. Hand-tufted by experienced artisans in India and embellished with woven tassels, the rugs in the Solitaire collection are not only designed to look fabulous on the floors of their discerning owners, but also warm hearts as well as their feet, in the sure knowledge that each rug has been created ethically and responsibly with care and compassion for the environment.